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  We guarantee it!

Isn't it frustrating when, after spending your money and time to source and hire your new employee, it does not work out and you are forced to start all over again. InfoTech offers a full replacement warranty.

  We want Referrals!

We are pleased to pay you a minimum of $1000.00* for every candidate or client that you refer which results in a placement. Please talk to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers and tell them about us (have them get in touch and don't forget to tell them to mention your name), or you can tell us about them.

*Contact us for details

  We will ....

  • Create a detailed and up to date personal profile of you, your skills and your requirements
  • Notify you by telephone or email of potentially career enhancing opportunities (these may include things such as increased wages, benefits, advancement, more convenient location)
  • Confidentially present/multi-present you and your individual skills to these select employers
  • Never submit your resume without your permission
  • Arrange interview times, dates and locations
  • Provide counseling and effective interviewing techniques 
  • Always act in your best interest  

At InfoTech Resources we take the time to get to know your business.
Why use InfoTech?

You might not think so, but embarking on a job search requires a lot of time, energy and expertise.  Selling yourself does not come naturally and is very difficult for most people.  When you utilize the services of InfoTech Resources you have a group of professionals marketing you, confidentially and for free.  We specialize in the IT Industry, and work in your marketplace all day, every day often handling exclusive requirements. Some of these are unadvertised opportunities and not otherwise known to the general public.

We all know one resume does not fit all jobs. We can help you rewrite resume to bring out the skills that will help you get the specific job. Better yet, let us build you a "portfolio"!

We do not "sling" resumes at clients, so you are not one of many. We work with you and the client to make sure you are not just a "technical fit" but a smooth addition to their workforce. You are one of the few, because you are the best!

We value the relationships that have developed over the years and thank you for choosing InfoTech (If you do). We look forward to assisting you. As always, all inquiries are completely confidential and your current employer will not be contacted. 

Regardless of your motivation to move, you will find us to be an excellent, professional, confidental, resource.


Using InfoTech has advantages!
  • Third-party representation ---Your Recruiter is your lifelong employment agent and ally, who maintains contact with you, knows when you are looking for a change and understands what it is that you require to make that change.
  •  We know your market --- IT Staffing is all we do.  We screen opportunities for you, presenting those that are career enhancing.  Your new job not only comes easier and faster but is usually a better fit.
  •  Increased results --- Your Recruiter works directly with the hiring managers of major companies all across the US.  This allows your resume to be on the top of the pile, often resulting in you being one of the finalists.
  •  Greater exposure --- Our Recruiters are professional networkers.  As most people are too busy or lack the expertise to test the job market, your Recruiter will keep you abreast of opportunities, both hidden and advertised!
  •  Utilize our expertise --- We offer suggestions on how to strengthen your resume and provide you with interviewing techniques to aid you in your job-search.
  •  Confidential service ---  Your Recruiter can withhold your name, contact information and current employer in order to protect your identity, in cases where you are currently employed and do not want your employer to know of your job search.
  •  We present your strength’s --- When presenting you to employers, we provide a synopsis advising them of your attributes, while at the same time addressing anything that may appear negative.  Generally, your chances of an offer increase when you have professional representation.
  •  Increased job offers ---   Your Recruiter will multi-present you whenever possible.  This often results in multiple interviews and job offers!
  •  Negotiate on your behalf --- Not a skilled negotiator?  No worries, the staff at InfoTech are.  We will help you achieve your desired benefits, salary and shift, in a positive and professional manner.



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